Singapore Eats: A semi DIY Sushi Roll at Maki San, The Cathay

If you feel that you want to decide what goes into your sushi roll by yourself but don't have the skill/ kitchen to do so, you can do it at Maki San. The sushi joint allows you to choice the filling of the sushi by filling the sushi order form. Once you are done filling your order, you just need to pass it to the staff and he/she will create your sushi roll. 

The sushi roll is provided in a very nice box. Takeaway is definitely will not be an issue here. They have unique option too such as a brown rice sushi roll. Healthier kind of sushi right? Hehe.

Maki San also offers salad but I prefer their sushi roll. If you are in a rush to go to watch movie, you can also order this for a takeaway as the packaging is nice and simple. Although you will probably have difficulty using the soy sauce in the dark movie theater. 

Maki San is located at the basement level of The Cathay. One level down from the Assembly Ground, a cafe which we managed to try out earlier. 

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