Singapore Travel: Beautiful Underwater World at SEA Aquarium, Resorts World at Sentosa

The lack of natural resources does not really stop Singapore from developing itself for tourism. For instance, Singapore is able to build a mega aquarium in Sentosa, South East Asia (SEA) Aquarium. The aquarium was built together with the Adventure Cove Waterpark. Both are part of Marine Life Park in Sentosa.

Beautiful underwater world at SEA Aquarium Sentosa Singapore

Inside the aquarium, you will find a lot of panel with a certain underwater habitat. One of the prettiest panel is located in the middle of the aquarium, just before the big glass panel. As it is very pretty, the panel is forever surrounded with people. 

Pretty panel at SEA Aquarium Sentosa Singapore

When I managed to squeeze my way to the panel (after waiting patiently too, of course), I was so amazed by the pretty display. The color of the corals and the fishes are so...reminding me of Little Mermaid movie. 

Beautiful corals and fishes at SEA Aquarium Sentosa Singapore

Another glass panel show orange and blue fishes swimming around the corals. 

Orange and blue fishes around corals at SEA Aquarium Sentosa Singapore

This glass panel is giving out mysterious vibe as it is used as the jellyfish's lair. So mysterious, so pretty and yet, so deadly if you are attacked by them in a horde. 

Jellyfishes at SEA Aquarium Sentosa Singapore

My camera is unable to capture the sharks. The sharks are swimming around the big glass panel and you will also be able to see them on the big tunnel. The tunnel itself houses 200 sharks from various species. 

Sharks Tunnel at SEA Aquarium Sentosa Singapore

Near the end to our visit to the aquarium, we managed to find Dory. 

Dory fish at SEA Aquarium Sentosa Singapore

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Ocean Suites at Equarius Hotel Resorts World Sentosa Singapore

If you are hungry after visiting the aquarium, you can eat at the nearby Insadong Korea Town which is also located at Waterfront Station. 

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