Singapore Travel: Field Trip to Singapore Philatelic Museum

Sometimes I wonder if there is something else that I can do in Singapore on a weekend apart from the usual movie, cafe or shopping date. And to my amazement, my friend suddenly suggested us to go to a museum, for a change. So we decided to go to Singapore Philatelic Museum, which happened to be nearby the area we were at, City Hall.

Field Trip to Singapore Philatelic Museum

What is Singapore Philatelic Museum? Well, for a start, Singapore Philatelic Museum is where Singapore's philatelic materials (re: post office related things) are stored and showcased. 

Singapore Philatelic Museum

Singapore Philatelic Museum is a fun place to bring kids because the museum exhibits the history of post and stamps in an interactive way. To make it even better, the kids will be able to learn something from the visit to the museum.

Interactive Exhibition at Singapore Philatelic Museum

Singapore's postal box used to look like this, big and yellow. I seldom see postal boxes nowadays apart from where Singapore Post is located. 

A yellow postal box Singapore

There is no photography allowed inside the room where Tintin's collections are exhibited. So I could only take picture of the door. Apparently the collections are lent by the individual collectors to the museum. The Adventure of Tintin's comic series are very exciting to read. I think my brother collected nearly all the titles. I wonder where his collections are now. 

The Adventure of Tintin Comic Series

Inside this showcase, you can see the miniature of postal boxes used around the world from various period of time.

Variety of postal boxes used worldwide

Singapore Philatelic Museum is located at 23B Coleman Street and it opens everyday. But on Monday, it opens from 1pm - 7pm. Other days, it opens from 9.30am - 7pm. The admission for adults is S$6 while for kids is S$4.

Near to the museum, we spotted an interesting building which is used to be Singapore Fire Station. Now the building is no longer use as the headquarter for firefighters, it is used as a museum instead. 

Singapore Fire Station City Hall

I think it is a very good thing for a country to maintain a lot of its history. At least, the citizens can go and have fun at the museum while learning the history behind it. 

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