Taipei Eats: Brother's Dragon Boneless Chicken Thigh Steak, Gongguan Night Market

At first glance, I did not really know the name of the stall nor do I know exactly what the stall is selling. It kinda looks like a normal Taiwanese fried chicken stall until I see the long queue that is always forming behind the stall. And just what all the foodie guide in Taiwan say, join the queue for food in Taiwan (because that usually means good food ahead). 

Brother's Dragon Boneless Chicken Thigh Steak Gongguan

The stall is called Brother's Dragon Boneless Chicken Thigh Steak (now that's a mouthful but this is the direct translation from 龍哥無骨雞腿排). The writer of managed to spot which one is the Brother Dragon. Hahaha. 

Brother Dragon Chicken Steak at Gongguan Taipei

Brother Dragon only put two kind of fried chicken that he sells. The chicken priced at NTD70 is the "Salad Dressing/ 生菜沙拉醬" (Shēngcài shālā jiàng). The salad here is referring to Japanese mayo which is slightly on the sweeter side. Meanwhile, the chicken priced at NTD80 is the "Vietnamese Sweet and Sour Dressing/ 越式酸辣醬" (Yuè shì suān làjiàng).

Salad and Vietnamese Dressing Fried Chicken Gongguan

I chose to take away the NTD70 which comes with Salad Dressing and a portion of salad too at the side of the chicken. It tastes yummy! If you decided to dine there (they do set up some tables and chairs near the stall), you can have a refill of the salad for free! Awesome, right? 

Salad Dressing Fried Chicken Gongguan Night Market

If you are not full by eating the above fried chicken alone, you should also try the famous gua bao which is also located at Gongguan Night Market. I really love Gongguan up to the point I can go to this night market every day during my stay in Taipei. 

Happy tummy, happy me.

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