Taipei Eats: The famous bubble tea at Gongguan, 陳三鼎

I develop a habit in Taiwan, afternoon walk. There was no chance for me to do that before I came to Taiwan because I was always stuck in my cubicle from 9 to 6 everyday. Boohoo! U_U.

So yeah, I definitely enjoy my new habit. And one place that I often go for my afternoon walk is Gongguan.

Gongguan Taipei Taiwan

Although the reason for the location may not be as healthy as the intention of this activity. Yes, alleys in Gongguan are food-heaven. Once you walk through this alley, you will not leave this place empty-handed. 

Gongguan Market Taipei Taiwan

Stall after stall after stall sell different kind of food. *drool*

Gongguan Food Stall

And that's when I spotted the famous bubble tea in the neighbourhood, 陳三鼎 (Chénsāndǐng) Bubble Tea. There is always a long queue in front of this store. The store uses High Quality Milk and brown sugar for its bubble tea. 

The famous bubble tea at Gongguan Chen San Ding

The drink consists of fresh milk and tapioca pearls that have been soaked in brown sugar. Where's the tea, you ask? Well, when I think of it, there's actually no tea at all. The tapioca pearls are very chewy (or like the locals always say, QQ). One cup costs 30 NTD. Crazy cheap. 

I do enjoy this drink very much BUT...

Chen San Ding Brown Sugar Bubble Tea Taiwan

Do note that if you do not specify the sugar level, the drink will be super sweet. I could not finish the drink whenever I forgot to specify the sugar level. On the safe side, it's better to ask for half sugar (半糖/ Bàn táng). Less risk of having diabetes as well. =P

Do try out the other famous local dishes in Gongguan like the opposite gua bao and the Thailand Fried Chicken (at night only).

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