Taipei Eats: Yummy Lu Rou Fan at Formosa Chang

If you ask me what is the most delicious local food in Taiwan (my Mandarin teacher asked this question a lot of time), my answer will still be 滷肉飯 (re: lu rou fan). Lu Rou Fan is also known as braised pork rice. You can easily find this dish just anywhere in Taipei, but if you want to eat the best one in town. I suggest you open your eyes widely and try to spot the yellow sign of an uncle with beard. 

Formosa Chang Taipei Tianmu Taiwan

The restaurant is called Formosa Chang (鬍鬚張 ) . They have a lot of branches in Taipei but not all of them are easily spotted. When you are eating inside, you will feel like you are blending with the locals, enjoying food at neighbourhood restaurant. It's just so homey-feeling. The menu have some pictures and they have a set meal consists of lu rou fan, vegetables and soup. 

Yummy Lu Rou Fan Restaurant Formosa Chang Taipei Tianmu Branch

And if you are still wondering what the heck is lu rou fan, here it is! A bowl of simply goodness...and sadly, fat. The bowl is quite small and I heard when my uncle was still in his younger days, he can eat three bowl at one meal. While my aunt could eat two bowl at one meal. Now, she can still 1.5 bowl at one meal. Wow. 

Taiwanese Lu Rou Fan Formosa Chang

For the choice of vegetables, you can choose the usual green one (which, btw, tastes very good!).

Side Dishes Formosa Chang Taiwan Green Vegetables

Or the tofu. Which equally tastes very good. But tofu is kinda filling though.

Formosa Chang Tofu Side Dish Taipei Taiwan

For the soup choice, I'd rather have the light one like a bowl of radish clear soup. 

Radish Soup Formosa Chang Taipei Taiwan

But if you prefer something creamy, you can opt for the corn soup. 

Corn Soup Formosa Chang Taipei Taiwan

The set will cost you 100NTD. It's totally worth it. So makes sure you go in to this place straight away when you see that yellow logo. If you don't feel like walking all the way to Tianmu, you can also go to the branch at Wufenpu before you do your shopping

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