Taiwan Eats: Steak for Dinner at Dream Mall, Kaohsiung

Back when I visited Kaohsiung with both my mum and my brother, our tour guide brought us for a steak dinner at Dream Mall. Technically, you starts by choosing your choice of meat from pork, chicken or beef. While the kitchen is cooking your steak, you are free to roam the buffet bar for the other food. 

First is the soup section. 

Soup section buffet steak restaurant in Dream Mall Kaohsiung

Next is the hot dish section where you can get the fried rice and other Chinese dishes both meats and veggies. 

Hot Dish Section at Steak Restaurant Dream Mall Kaohsiung Taiwan

Salad bar looks kind minimalistic here in the steak restaurant. 

Salad Bar at Steak Restaurant at Dream Mall Kaohsiung

The beef steak. The steak here is served with udon which cooked like spaghetti. Okay, if you are confused, you are not the only one. Hahaha. 

Beef Steak At Dream Mall Kaohsiung Taiwan

My mum ordered pork steak. I prefer beef but the pork is not bad either. 

Pork Steak at Dream Mall Kaohsiung Taiwan

This kind of restaurant concept seems to be quite common in Taiwan. Most of restaurants that serve steak usually have buffet style banquet for the side dishes. If you like this concept, you should try steak restaurant when you are in Taiwan. 

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