Taiwan Travel: 100 Years of Doraemon Exhibition, Songshan

This is actually a super long throwback post (nearly one year ago??). But since the exhibition is still ongoing (no longer in Taipei, but still in quite close proximity I guess), I decided to just post it anyway. And who does not love Doraemon? Hehehe.

Doraemon has accompanied my childhood and has become some-what nemesis of my Sunday-school teacher along the way. Yes, I'm one of those kids who rather spent their Sunday morning watching cartoon instead of going to church. I know, shame on me. =P

After queuing for half an hour I finally got my ticket. Anyone still remember the old version of Doraemon? ^^

100 Years Doraemon Exhibition Ticket

The exhibition is huge and if you are on a mission to take picture of every single exhibit, you will have to find your way through the crowd. Ganbatte!!

Awww...Doraemon just has its ears eaten by rats. Cup cup cup. 

Doraemon ears eaten by rats Doraemon Exhibition

The queue to take picture with the Anywhere Door is an utter madness. If you really want to, I suggest you come during not-so-crowded hours like school/ working hours. 

Anywhere Near Door 100 Years Doraemon Exhibition

The exhibition shows so many gadgets of Doraemon. I don't think I have enough time to take picture with each one of them. 

Doraemon 100 Years Exhibition Gadgets

I wish I had this when I was in primary school. Although I'd probably required to eat uncountable amount of bread to memorize the whole subject. Did you guys have such a tough childhood? Asian schools are no joke. 

Memorisation Bread Doraemon 100 Years Exhibition

P.S. If you are wondering, Doraemon has Chinese name too, called 小叮噹 (Xiǎo dīngdāng). =P

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