Taiwan Travel: Amazing Coastal View at Qingshui Cliff

In between Taroko Gorge and the city of Hualien, there lies the one of the most famous scenic view of Taiwan, Qingshui Cliff. It offers the best view of Taiwan's Pacific Coast. 

If the right side is not beautiful enough, the left side also offers a beautiful shades of blue. I'm in love with the blues. ^^

Beautiful Taiwan Qingshui Cliff

Another view taken from different stop of the highway. It's really good that one of our travelling companion has a superb camera. The pictures turned out very beautiful. ^^

Awesome Scenic View of Qingshui Cliff

If you want to visit Qingshui Cliff, it is better to stay the night at Hualien. We stayed in Classic City Resort and the room has a quite good rate for a central location (walking distance from the railway station). You can check the hotel rates here

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