Taiwan Travel: Blue Sky at Hehuanshan

The quotes "never get tired of a blue sky" is totally applicable here in Hehuanshan (re: Hehuan Mountain). It's not everyday you can get a view of a clear blue sky because it is often foggy and gloomy in Hehuanshan especially during spring and winter. But that day, the sky is so clear and so blue. I love it! 

Blue Sky at Hehuanshan Taiwan

We engaged a driver to drive us from Cingjing Farm to Hualien. Hence, we can ask the driver to stop (whenever possible, of course) to let us take picture of the beautiful scenery. All the pictures come from my friend's camera who is apparently better at taking pictures than me. Hahaha.

Hehuanshan View from the Road

A tunnel in Hehuanshan. 

Superbly clear blue sky with a touch of green. Even though we visited the place in the summer, you can feel the fresh mountain air and it does not feel very hot at all around here. 

Blue Sky and Green Hehuan Mountain Taiwan

Green plantation on Hehuan Mountain. 

You can visit Hehuanshan between your itinerary to go to Cingjing Farm and your stay in Hualien. Hehuanshan will link Cingjing Farm and Hualien by passing through the beautiful Taroko Gorge.

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