Taiwan Travel: A Bright Sunset at Tamsui Pier, New Taipei City

Sunday evening is a perfect time for an evening stroll in Tamsui Pier. So I've purposely made a visit to Tamsui when the weather is nice in a summertime.

Tamsui Station in Taiwan

The view of the pier when it's near the sunset is breathtaking. I did not dare to play with the boat but they are actually for rental. So if you want to have fun at Tamsui pier, you can rent one for a certain period of time. 

Tamsui Pier at Taiwan New Taipei City

The opposite island called Bali (not Bali island in Indonesia, ok! Hehe). My classmates went there before but they say nothing much on the island so I didn't feel like spending money on the ferry tickets to Bali. 

Bali at Tamsui Taiwan

Lovely family time at Tamsui Pier. Seems like there are a lot of families taking a stroll at Tamsui in the evening times. 

Kids playing around Tamsui Pier at Sunset Taiwan

One last shot before I'm hopping on the train which gonna bring me back to Taipei. 

Sunset Shot of Tamsui district in Taiwan

If you are hungry during your visit in Tamsui, you can simply walk a few metres away to reach Tamsui Old Street which is basically a food haven. If you prefer another sunset watching spot, you can make your way by bus to Fisherman Wharf

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