Taiwan Travel: Finding Lavender at Formosa Aboriginal Cultural Village

During my stay in Taiwan, my friend and I have taken the HSR to Taichung because we want to buy bus ticket to Nantou county to visit both Formosa Aboriginal Cultural Village and Sun Moon Lake. After much difficulties in explaining where we want to go, we managed to finally got a ticket in our hands.

Bus ticket from Taichung to Nantou Taiwan

There are two places that we want to visit in Nantou county, the first one is the Formosa Aboriginal Cultural Village (九族文化村/ Jiǔzú wénhuà cūn) and Sun Moon Lake (日月潭/ Rìyuètán). Both are located pretty near to each other and connected by cable car. In the bus counter at Taichung HSR station, you can buy the bus ticket together with the village entrance ticket + cable car ticket. The whole tickets cost 880NTD per pax.

Formosa Aboriginal Cultural Village Taiwan Ticket

We did not know which bus to take so we asked the ticket officer to let us know when the right bus is coming. And here comes our bus. 

Bus from Taichung to Nantou Taiwan

The bus dropped us near the entrance gate to the village. And surprisingly, the Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village looks like..One Piece theme park from outside. For a second, we were wondering whether we were in Japan or Taiwan. XD

Formosa Aboriginal Cultural Village Entrance Taiwan

When we came in, we were even more surprised because it doesn't look like either Japan or Taiwan. The scenery here is more like European country. LOL.

Formosa Aboriginal Cultural Village European Village Taiwan

Pretty European architecture spotted at the corner of the park. 

European Structure at Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village Taiwan

The lavender flowers are so pretty. Purple happens to be my favourite color too. ^^

Lavender Garden Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village Taiwan

From this Formosa Aboriginal Cultural Village, you don't have to take bus to reach Sun Moon Lake. You can simply take a cable car ride to reach Sun Moon Lake. So it may be better to play in this cultural village first before you make your way to Sun Moon Lake.

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