Taiwan Travel: An iconic red container at Xinguang Ferry Wharf, Kaohsiung

After our visit to the highest building in Kaohsiung, we continued our walk to a filming location of Taiwanese drama called Black and White at Xinguang Ferry Wharf. We could not really find the way and it felt that we had walked for 123456789 km before we finally found the iconic landmark of Xinguang Ferry Wharf...a weirdly shaped red container. Uhh, yeah. 

An iconic red container at Xinguang Ferry Wharf Kaohsiung

The ferry wharf is rather quiet in the morning. But we don't mind it at all and to top it off, the weather is not that hot yet when we visited the wharf. 

Xinguang Ferry Wharf Kaohsiung Taiwan

The lack of other people's presence means I could take picture without bothering any passerby. Or inadvertently included them in my picture. Hehe.

We walked to the other side and noted that there is actually a river in the middle of all that cables and pole. 

River at Xinguang Ferry Wharf Kaohsiung Taiwan

We passed by the red container again when making our way back to Sanduo Shopping District KRT Station. So we took a closer look at the red container. Hmm, okay, still don't get the meaning behind the placement of the red container. Maybe it's some kind of art display like those displayed at Pier-2 Art Centre

If you have nothing to do in the morning at Kaohsiung, you can consider visiting Xinguang Ferry Wharf or places of interest like the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas because there are no opening times for these places and you can basically visit them at any time during your visit. 

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