Taiwan Travel: One Piece Land in Nantou

We were so amazed when we came in to the entrance of Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village because it looks so European. But, when you step your feet in the next section of the park, you will feel like you are transported to the land of Japan. 

Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village One Piece Entrance Taiwan

The culture village seems to embrace the culture of pirates i.e. One Piece. I am starting to wonder if this place should be called One Piece Land instead. 

One Piece Memorial Log Formosa Aboriginal Park Taiwan

If you do not know about One Piece, it's a very famous Japanese manga series about the journey of Luffy (the one with the straw hat) and his crew to become the Pirate King. The manga was so famous, it has been adapted into an anime and movie. The anime is pretty famous in Taiwan too and everyday it was aired on local TV at 6.30pm (chinese dubbed). 

One Piece Characters Formosa Aboriginal Cultural Village Taiwan

You will see a lot of stamp booth like this one. A lot of Taiwan's tourist attractions have stamp booth. So if you happen to have a hobby of collecting stamp, you will have a lot of stamp to collect in Taiwan. 

Sanji One Piece Stamp Booth Taiwan

The stamp looks pretty cool I admit. I do not have a stamp book though, so I stamped my receipt. XD

Sanji One Piece Stamp Taiwan

I want to ride Going Merry and embark on a journey to the seven seas~~~

Going Merry One Piece Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village Taiwan

There are a few rides inside the village, this one looks pretty awesome but you will be wet wherever you sit. We did not bring any clothes so we skipped this ride. Huhuhu.

One Piece Log Ride Formosa Aboriginal Cultural Village Taiwan

I don't really see anything that sounds cultural here but since I love One Piece, this place is awesome! Hahaha. If you go deeper into the village, you can watch some cultural performances e.g. dance shows from the Aboriginal Taiwanese.

If you have enough fun here, you can take the One Piece cable car ride to Sun Moon Lake

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