Taiwan Travel: Reliving Life of Pi at Taipei Zoo

To be honest with you, I am not a fan of a zoo. If it's not because of the fame of the movie called Life of Pi, I probably would never visit Taipei Zoo. XD

But since I am already here in Taipei, it would be kinda stupid to miss out seeing the famous pink flamingos..hehe. So here I am...

Taipei Zoo Taiwan

Taipei Zoo is located at the end of the Brown Line of the MRT. It's very convenient to get there. Furthermore, they have concession ticket for students. So flash your student ID and you just need to pay 30NTD to enter the zoo. Cheap!

Taipei Zoo Entry Ticket

Some of the animals here are movie stars since they have starred in the movie "Life of Pi'. If you are not sure which animals are the movie stars, you just need to look for the sign like this one.

Reliving Life of Pi at Taipei Zoo Taiwan

Pink flamingos welcome you to the zoo. 

Pink flamingos Taipei Zoo Taiwan

Richard Parker (i.e. the name of the Bengal tiger in the movie Life of Pi) was sleeping when we were there. U_U.

Richard Parker Life of Pi Taipei Zoo

The hyenas...were sleeping too! I started to think that I should just stay at home and take a nap instead. Rather than going to the zoo on a rainy days. 

Hyenas at Taipei Zoo Taiwan

Mood dampened by the lack of active animals and the pouring rain, we decided to find shelter at the panda's house. Taipei has two (now two and a baby) pandas which were given by the Chinese government. The names of the two pandas have been selected by voting in the PRC. The male one is called Tuan Tuan while the female one is called Yuan Yuan. Tuan Yuan (團圓) means "reunion" in Chinese.

Yuan Yuan Taiwan Panda

Two years ago, the two pandas gave birth to a cute baby panda called Yuan Zai. This is the picture of him when he was still a baby. Cuteness overload. Too bad we were not allowed to visit him yet back then. 

Taiwan Baby Panda

You will only require probably half a day to visit Taipei Zoo. So if you still have enough time to spend, you can also ride the nearby Maokong gondola to see Taipei's tea plantation. The view from up there is quite pleasant to the eyes too. 

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