Taiwan Travel: A Sunny Day at Dream Mall, Kaohsiung

The cute purple shuttle bus which I took before has led me to a place called Neverland Dream Mall, which is the biggest shopping mall in Taiwan.

A Sunny Day at Dream Mall Kaohsiung

We are welcomed by the random mascots of Dream Mall. A duck, a blue and pink...okay, I don't know what are they.

Mascots of Dream Mall in Kaohsiung Taiwan

This was exactly where the police-and-criminal chase in the famous local drama titled Black and White happened. That day, not even a single soul was spotted walking around here because of the hot weather. 

Dream Mall Shooting Location of Black and White Drama

Dream Mall is huge. Even though there are elevators, it's still tiring to walk our way to the top. Because in some levels, you have to walk around to reach the next elevator. 

Inside Dream Mall in Kaohsiung Taiwan

At the top of Dream Mall, there is a ferris wheel. It seems that it is quite common for a shopping mall to have a ferris wheel on top in Taiwan. We did not ride it though as the weather is so hot that day.

The ferris wheel at Dream Mall Kaohsiung

Instead, we made our way to the basement level to have a nice refreshing bubble milk tea from Coco. Yum!

CoCo Bubble Milk Tea in Dream Mall Kaohsiung

If you have a lot of time to spare, you can try out a steak restaurant in Dream Mall. The steak restaurant offers a buffet kind of side dish/ dessert which comes along with the steak order. 

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