Taiwan Travel: Wandering in Miramar Entertainment Park, Taipei

If you are a fan of Taiwanese dramas, you must have seen this shopping mall before. Especially if you are watching Why Why Love which is starred by Mike He and Rainie Yang. =P

Wandering in Miramar Entertainment Park Taipei Taiwan

Familiar? If not, it's okay. We're gonna explore this shopping mall complex anyway. Let's go!

This part of the mall was often used for shooting especially when the drama involved a CEO or General Manager of a shopping centre. This mall will be their business place in the drama. =P

Miramar Entertainment Park Taiwan

We were so hungry so we were eager to explore the food court, which is located in the basement. 

Miramar Entertainment Park Food Court

We were checking out one stall from another and our eyes were glued on the row of plates with spaghetti inside. Hmm~~~

Spaghetti Stall at Miramar Entertainment Park Food Court

I decided to have spaghetti bolognaise set meal. This set meal comes with a glass of lemon tea and corn soup and it costs me 140NTD. It tastes pretty good. 

Spaghetti Bolognaise Set Meal in Miramar Food Court

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