Thailand Travel: Summer Vacation at Phi Phi Island, Phuket

Summer is the best time to spend at the beach. And if you are ocean lover, it may be a good idea for you to spend summer at the island which is known as "heaven" in Thailand, Phi Phi Island. A day tour to Phi Phi Island starts with a boat ride from Phuket Marina Bay and the ride takes around 1 hour. We were so happy when we saw the shore is near. 

Summer Vacation at Phi Phi Island Phuket Thailand

We took a walk along the sea shore and had fun with all the white sands and the blue ocean. The weather was hot as usual (well, it's tropical country so hot weather is kinda inevitable) but we were having fun. 

Phi Phi Island Sea Shore Phuket Thailand

If you are a rock collector, you will have a blast here finding all kind of sea rocks laying on the beach. 

All kind of sea rocks at Phi Phi Island Phuket Thailand

I love the view from here although it's kind crowded with all the sailing boats around. 

Phi Phi Island Summer Vacation Thailand

We walked further down to the not-so-crowded part of the island. And enjoying the view of the sea and the clouds while waiting for the sun to set. 

Blue Ocean and White Clouds at Phi Phi Island Phuket Thailand

Sunset view of Phi Phi Island. The sun is hidden by the cloud but nonetheless, the color of the sky has already made us so happy and feel grateful toward the beautiful nature. 

Sunset View of Phi Phi Island Phuket Thailand

When the sun has completely set, it was time for us to ride our boat back to the main island of Phuket. If you are thinking of spending the night in Phi Phi Island, you can check the available hotel and hotel rates at Expedia or Tripadvisor. Phi Phi Island Beach Resort or Phi Phi Bayview Resort can be a one of the good resorts available for staying over at Phi Phi Island.

Good bye Phi Phi Island. Someday, we'll be back. 

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