Austria Travel: Hard Rock Cafe, Vienna

Hard Rock Cafe is everywhere in the world. We do have Hard Rock Cafe in Indonesia too (i.e. in Jakarta and Bali) but Hard Rock Cafe is always popular with Indonesian tourists wherever we go. So yeah, that kinda explains why I manage to take picture in a big Hard Rock Cafe's sofa in Vienna. I

Hard Rock Cafe, Vienna

You can buy a lot of Hard Rock merchandise which can only be found in Vienna. The merchandises are ranging from mugs, t-shirts and dolls. f you want to stay near to Hard Rock Cafe in Vienna, you need to book your hotel near Mariahilfer Street, you can find a million of hotel reviews near that area here.

Hard Rock Vienna Dolls

Wondering whose hat is this and what makes it so special up to the point it is kept inside a glass box in Hard Rock Vienna. 

Will I Am Black Eyed Peas Hat in Hard Rock Vienna

Oh! There you go. Once you put it on your head, you can rap as good as LOL. 

The Black Eyed Peas Will I Am Hat

At the other corner, there lies a Yamaha piano which was used by Coldplay in one of their performances. 

Piano in Hard Rock Cafe Vienna Used by Coldplay

Another chair which kinda look like throne more than a chair. I suppose this chair is prepared for tourist like me. Greetings from Hard Rock Cafe Vienna!

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