Austria Travel: The Plague Column, the survival story of Vienna

There are a lot of statues in Vienna. Especially in the city centre area. We were walking through Graben, a street in the inner city centre of Vienna and we spotted a statue. 

Graben in Vienna city

The closer look of the statue. Looks like a priest and a boy. There is no description on the statue so I may be wrong. 

Vienna statue of a priest and a boy

A few steps further down the road, lies the Plague Column ("Pestsaule"), which was erected after the Great Plague epidemic in 1679. A lot of people died during the epidemic as medical knowledge was not so advanced in those days. 

Pestsaule in Graben Vienna

The figures at the base represent the triumph of faith over disease. The middle of the sculpture is dedicated to coats of arms and a praying figure of Emperor Leopold I (he fled the city during the outbreak though). The sculpture is topped by golden cherubs and other religious figures. 

The Plague Column, the survival story of Vienna

Opposite the statue lies a posh tailor shop called Knize and local jewellery store named Heldwein. Despite the gloomy past, Vienna has rose back from the epidemic and now the same road has become a place for famous luxury brands as well. 

Store in Graben Vienna

Although after knowing the historical story, I can't help feeling the dark atmosphere of Graben. 

Graben Strabe Vienna

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