Eastern Eurotrip: The Vienna That I See, Austria

After visiting Vienna's main shopping centre at Mariahilfer Strabe, we barely had enough time to do anything because we were rushing to our next destination. So we had a quick bus tour wandering around the city of Vienna. I quite enjoy the idea because there are so many things to see and I suppose when you are pressed for time, a bus tour is an alternative to consider.

The Vienna that I see, Austria

A synagogue behind a metro station. 

I love the color of autumn, yellowish leaves are basically everywhere in Vienna. Not something that we can easily see in South East Asia because the climate is very tropical here.

Autumn Day in Vienna, Austria

Other than the pretty yellow trees, Vienna has a lot of monuments and historical building. Everytime we go around, we see either monument or historical building or both. Just like this one. 

Vienna Monument in Austria

A preparation to set up a Christmas market spotted in front of Vienna Town Hall. We came too early for Christmas market. It only opens in December while we came in November. 

Apotheke. Anyone need any medicine? Being a tourist, a simple apotheke amazed me. LOL. Am I too much?

Apotheke in Vienna Austria

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