Singapore Cafe: Saturday Night at The Connoissaur Concerto, Boat Quay

I don't really hang around in Central Business District area on a weekend simply because I come to this area to work on every other day (kinda sick of it). But occasionally, when we do feel the random urge to wander around in Boat Quay area. After our random walk, we immediately go back to our routinity, slouching back on a couch inside a cafe. Tonight's cafe happened to be The Connoisaur Concerto or famously known as "TCC". 

Saturday Night at The Connoissaur Concerto, Boat Quay

The thing about TCC's menu is you will never get bored because they keep changing the menu. But if your wallet is kinda tight, TCC may be a tad cruel to you because they keep the price of the food dish on the upper side (i.e. >S$15). The drinks are around S$10-ish. As the night is kinda humid (what's new?), we ordered fruity ice blended. The one on the left is lychee ice blended while the one beside it is the mango ice blended. 

Frozen Iced Tea at TCC Boat Quay

The drinks are quite refreshing especially when drank after a sweaty walk around Singapore. We just had our meal at Mexout at the neighbouring Far East Square, so we were not really hungry. The atmosphere at TCC in Boat Quay is perfect for evening chit chat. 
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