Singapore Cafe: What about lunch at PS. Cafe, Palais Renaissance?

Sometimes, we all need a little randomness in our life. And today's lunch random edition is held at PS. Cafe at Palains Renaissance. My friend and my randomness made us walked quite a distance from where we began. Oh well, it's always good to burn some calories before you fuel yourself right? 

30 to 40 minutes later....

Okay, who suggested this crazy idea? It was so hot we melted under the sun. So the first thing that we asked from the waitress is a glass of iced water instead of the menu. XD

What about lunch at PS Cafe Palais Renaissance

PS. Cafe is a restaurant with Australian concept so it offers Western food like burgers and pasta. The size of all the food sold at PS. Cafe is humongous so it's better to order with a sharing mindset. Our first order is PS. Cafe Crispy Onion Burger. I've always wanted to eat onion rings after I watched the recent episode of Masterchef US Season 6. 

PS Cafe Palais Renaissance Crispy Onion Burger Singapore

The next dish that we tried is a pasta dish. My friend is a lover of Aglio Olio type of pasta. So in order to make sure that she ate her portion, I ordered Prawn Aglio Olio. 

Prawn Aglio Olio PS cafe Palais Renaissance Singapore

The taste of both dish are nice. And since the portion is so humongous, we did not really have the stomach capacity to try other things on the menu including the famous truffle fries [the size of the truffle fries is monstrous, the other two tables next to us could not finish the fries].

We were not really tempted by the dessert sold in PS. Cafe at Palais Renaissance, so if you'd like to have an afternoon dessert delight after your meal here, you may want to try the cakes from Antoinette instead, which is located just few levels below.

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