Singapore Eats: Celebrate Life at NYDC, Bugis Junction

Every Saturday night is a challenge to find a nice place to hang out with friends in Singapore. So when my friends and I hung out at Bugis Junction, we just went into the first place that have a table which is available immediately so we didn't have to wait for a long time.

Celebrate life at NYDC Bugis Junction Singapore

The restaurant is quite big so there are enough seats for all of us. The restaurant is set up in an American diner style. 

NYDC at Bugis Junction in Singapore

Since we just had our laksa dinner at Laksania, we just ordered a slice of chocolate cheesecake at NYDC. The slice is big enough for us to share. 

Chocolate cheesecake at NYDC Bugis Junction Singapore

One of the girls was thirsty so she ordered a glass of strawberry lassi (i.e. yoghurt drink) and it came out this big. XD

Strawberry Lassi at NYDC Bugis Junction Singapore

Since there are a lot of seats in NYDC on a Saturday night, you may want to hang out here with your friends if you can't find other places in Bugis Junction. The taste of the cake and the lassi is so so but I guess sometimes all we need is a comfortable place to chat with our friends. 

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