Singapore Eats: Cozy Night at Oriole Coffee + Bar, Somerset

Whenever I pass by the al-fresco section of 313 Somerset (which happens to the link to Pan Pacific Service Suite), I always see Oriole Coffee + Bar packed with customers. One night, my friend and I decided to join the crowd and had our coffee and dinner there. 

Cozy Night at Oriole Coffee + Bar Somerset

Oriole is famous for its home-brew coffee. My friend ordered a glass of iced latte. 

Iced Latte from Oriole Coffee + Bar Somerset

I ordered the hot mocha. Hmm, the coffee art is a tad off that night. 

Coffee Art at Oriole Coffee + Bar Somerset

For the food, Oriole offers breakfast all-day, sandwiches and main dishes like fish & chips, etc. We tried two dishes from the sandwich selection. This is Reuben, which is described as home-made coffee-cured salt beef and sauerkreut served between grilled rye bread with melted swiss cheese and mustard mayo. 

Main Dish at Oriole Coffee Bar Somerset

The next one is Steak Sanger, which is described as thick slices of sirloin steak with wasabi pickled onions, mustard mayo and served between grilled multigrain bread. We quite enjoy our sandwiches. The meat in both sandwiches is tasty. 

Steak Sanger at Oriole Coffee and Bar Somerset

For dessert, we shared the Chocolate Fudge cake. The dessert was so-so though. Next time, we should probably stick to the coffee and mains. 

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