Singapore Eats: Fish and Chips at Fish & Co., Paragon

Back in uni days, I always eat fish and chips at least once a week because fish and chips sold in UK is freaking fantastic. And oily. And cheap. And duh, which students don't eat fish and chips in UK?

Now, working my ass in Singapore, fish and chips expensive meal!!! *cry*

I suppose I should be grateful that I can still find fish and chips quite easily in Singapore. Although, I have to pay extra for this meal. #bosspleaseraisemysalary

Okay, enough ranting while waiting for my fish and chips. 

Fish and Chips at Fish & Co., Paragon

Fish & Co. sells yummy fish and chips and the restaurant offers fish and chips cooked in various way. In fact, they call their menu "Fish & Chips from Around the World". The difference mainly lies on the sauce. Well, one look at the flag, you will know that I ordered Swiss fish & chips (do the Swiss eat fish & chips?) which is described as "fish and chips filled with tasty cheese topped with garlic lemon butter sauce".

Swiss Fish and Chips at Fish & Co., Paragon Singapore

I love the texture of the crispy fried fish offered at Fish & Co. If the price tag is lower, I probably can eat this weekly (oh gosh, the calorie!). I suppose I will be back a few months down the road. Hahaha. 

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