Singapore Eats: Friday Night Catch Up at Dallas Restaurant & Bar, Boat Quay

No matter who your companion is, Boat Quay is where you want to be on a Friday night. Because the road is lit up with all kind of lights and live band music on a Friday night. This Friday, we decided to chow down food at Dallas Restaurant and Bar in Boat Quay. 

Chow down food at Dallas Restaurant & Bar Boat Quay

We were already so hungry when we arrived so we quickly ordered a starter, Fried Calamari. These fried squids are good. Yum!

Fried Calamari at Dallas Restaurant & Bar Boat Quay

To balance our meal, we also "surprisingly" ordered a bowl of Crunchy Honey Mustard Bacon Salad. Right, the salad does not really sound so healthy. But at least, it's green. Green food is healthy (really?).

Crunchy Honey Mustard Bacon Salad at Dallas Restaurant & Bar Boat Quay

Next, we are so ready to chow down our main dishes. First on our table is the Baby Back Berry Ribs. I really like marinated BBQ ribs but ribs are so expensive, I can only eat this probably twice a year. #sad

Baby Back Berry Ribs at Dallas Restaurant & Bar Boat Quay

The next dish on the table is Chicken Schnitzel which is described as tender chicken breast pan-fried in Japanese breadcrumbs. The chicken is served with salad greens so I suppose this can be categorised into "healthy" category. Hehe. 

Chicken Schnitzel at Dallas Restaurant & Bar Boat Quay

Once you are full, you know what to do on a Friday night, right? Yeah, bring out the alcohol! Since the catch up session was attended by all girls, we ordered one cocktail each so that we could try each other's drink: Bellini - Dallas Sangria - Long Island Tea - Frozen Appletini

Cocktails at Dallas Restaurant & Bar Boat Quay Singapore

Cheers to a fun Friday night, peeps!

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