Singapore Eats: Fried Seafood Stuff at Swensen's, Plaza Singapura

After eating too much Japanese food at Tokyo Walker in Plaza Singapura, my friend voiced out that she wanted to eat Western food. The first thought that I have in my mind about Western food is Astons (after the yummy salmon fillet that I had at Astons Prime). And then, we spotted Swensen's at one of the levels at Plaza Singapura. As usual, spurred by spontaneity, we decided to just go in and try Swensen's Western food. 

I sticked to the fish and chips, which I think is the easiest dish to prepare on every restaurant's menu. Swensen's fish and chips is not bad but not fantastic either.

My friend decided to be one level more adventurous than me, she decided to order a seafood platter which consist of fried fishes, fried calamaris, and fried shrimps. Other than the additional calamaris and shrimps, our plate basically look the same. #theregoesouradventure

Swensen's put a heavier price tag on its food compared to...uhh...probably 5 years ago? That kinda hinders us to keep coming back to Swensen's because their food are actually so-so. But I guess as the living cost arising in Singapore every year, the price increase is kinda inevitable. 

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