Singapore Eats: Japanese Curry Omurice at Fruit Paradise, Plaza Singapura

We often watch movie at Plaza Singapura or the nearby Cathay on a weekend. Up to the point that we don't really know where to eat before or after our movie. So in one of our movie date, my friend and I wandered around Tokyo Walker area (i.e. an area full of Japanese restaurants) at level 4 of Plaza Singapura. We decided to try out Fruit Paradise. 

Fruit Paradise is actually famous for its fruit tarts but we were so hungry, we felt like eating Japanese rice that day and not desserts. Hence, despite the fancy display, we did not order any fruit tarts. Oh, the irony. Haha.

Fruit Tarts Display at Plaza Singapura

My curry omurice is here. It looks super yummy and when I taste a bite, it is really nice. Not sure if partly it's because I was super duper hungry up to the point of starvation. But to be honest, I don't think Japanese curry can go wrong. Hehe.

Japanese Curry Omurice at Fruit Paradise Plaza Singapura

For the side dish, we shared cheesy baked fries. Taste so-so. Next time I should probably stick to my omurice. 

And I should make a mental note to keep a space for the fruit tarts. Yum!

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