Singapore Eats: Pizza and pizza at Pizzeria Mozza, Marina Bay Sands

You can forget about eating at Pizzeria Mozza without making a reservation. And the restaurant is pretty strict with the reservation timing. If you book your table at 8pm, then you will still only get your table at 8pm notwithstanding the fact that there is an empty table available at 7.50pm. So, after loitering outside the restaurant for 10 minutes, my friends and I were finally seated at our table and ready to make order.

Now, let's start with the Antipasti (literally translated as "before-the-meal"). We decided to be adventurous that night and tried baked bone barrow for our first time in life. Not many things that we can eat from this meal to be honest and I suppose that's why this dish is categorised as Antipasti. Haha. But nonetheless, the taste is quite distinct and it's quite nice to be eaten together with the garlic butter toast. 

Bone marrow al forno at Pizzeria Mozza

One of our friend is 100% carnivore, so we must choose pizza which has meat as its topping. For our first order, we tried Fennel Sausage pizza (S$29).

Fennel Sausage Pizza at Pizzeria Mozza Marina Bay Sands

As our first pizza is so meat-based, we decided to order a pizza which has a tad green on it. And our choice is Prosciutto di Parma (S$31). We like the salty taste of dry-cured Italian ham and to be honest, I prefer this pizza to the fennel one. 

Prosciutto di Parma at Pizzeria Mozza Marina Bay Sands

Overall the dining experience at Pizzeria Mozza is quite nice. The restaurant can be quite noisy though because it is always full-house at dinner-time. We didn't try any dessert from Pizzeria Mozza and decided to walk a bit for a heavenly plate of Chocolate Fudge at TWG Tea Boutique & Salon

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