Singapore Eats: Post Walking Activity at Mad for Garlic, Clarke Quay

After our spending an enjoyable time watching sunset at Clarke Quay, we are ready to fill in our growling tummy. At this rate, I don't think we will be anywhere near those K-pop singers' body. We are exercising in order to be able to eat more food. XD

Mad for Garlic Clarke Quay

The most interesting thing about Mad for Garlic is as the name of the restaurant says, all dishes on its menu has garlic in it. For instance, here lies the Garlic Snowing Pizza. Despite the garlicky look of the dish, the pizza taste very delicious. And crunchy too! 

Garlic Snowing Pizza at Mad for Garlic Clarke Quay

Grilled Chicken Pasta with fried garlic bits scattered on the dish. I prefer the pizza over the pasta. 

OMG, is that? Yes, even the ice cream in Mad for Garlic is served with fried garlic bits on top of the vanilla ice cream. While it kinda looks unconvincing, the combination of vanilla ice cream and fried garlic bits actually tastes pretty good. 

Garlic Vanilla Ice Cream Sundae at Mad for Garlic Clarke Quay

This place is definitely not for Count Dracula and its affiliates. If you happen to come here with a date, at least you'll find out if your date is a blood-sucker or normal human being. LOL.

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