Singapore Eats: Shocking Hot Sauce Fried Chicken at Nene Chicken, The Star Vista

Tuesday night and we feel like eating something spicy. So we decided to try the Korean style of fried chicken in Star Vista, Nene Chicken. 

Nene Chicken at the Star Vista Singapore

Nene Chicken is basically selling fried chicken served in different type of sauces. There are classic fried chicken (hot or mild), snow chicken, fried chicken with mixed onion and Asian sauce, black pepper chicken and shocking hot sauce chicken. We ordered the shocking hot sauce chicken and black pepper chicken. 

If you are ordering a set, it comes with fries. You can alternatively go for the rice too if you want. The set also comes with white radish which we did not touch at all after first bite. I guess next time, we should not take them in the first place at all.

The Shocking Hot Sauce chicken is very spicy up to the point it makes me teary. We ended up mixing the hot sauce with the black pepper sauce although a peppery hot sauce does not make it less spicy. Oh well, you are warned. Hahaha.

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