Singapore Eats: Swedish Meat Balls at IKEA Restaurant, Queenstown

Everytime I pay a visit to the restaurant at IKEA, it is always full with long queue. I wonder if it is because of the location since IKEA is located in the middle of housing areas or the meatballs are really as good as what people say. 

IKEA Restaurant at Queenstown Singapore

There is only one way to figure it out - join the crowd and order that famous Swedish Meat Balls. The meat balls is served with baked potatoes, cream sauce and a little of cranberry jam at the side. 

Swedish Meat Balls at IKEA Restaurant Queenstown Singapore

I can't really remember the name of the chocolate cake because my friend was the one who was in charge of ordering. When I asked her, she simply replied she just ordered whichever cake which has a lot of chocolate. Uhm, okay. Fair enough, I guess. Hahaha. 

IKEA Chocolate Cake Singapore

The food sold at IKEA restaurant is not bad but I really can't stand the queue. That's the reason why I haven't revisited IKEA until today. I guess, I'll pay them a visit next time if I need to buy furnitures. If you feel like having a tea time after your meal at IKEA, you can just cross over to the opposite building called Anchorpoint. There is a nice Hong Kong cafe called Xin Wang there which opens until quite late in the morning

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