Singapore Eats: Unlimited Rice Supply at Yayoiken, Bugis+

Yayoiken is a Japanese Teishoku restaurant. Teishoku refers to Japanese set meal which usually involves a bowl of steamy white rice. And if you are white rice lover, Yayoiken offers a free refill of rice. 

Free Refill of Steamy White Rice at Yayoiken Bugis+

I ordered tonkatsu teishoku (pork loin katsu set). The tonkatsu is kinda over-fried for my liking so it became very dry. Such a shame. My friend's tonkatsu shared the same fate as mine. 

Tonkatsu Teishoku at Yayoiken Bugis+

For dessert, we order matcha chocolate cake which is served with two sticks of chocolate pocky. Dessert was not bad. Matcha not too bitter for our liking. =)

Matcha Chocolate Cake at Yayoiken Bugis+

Our first impression of Yayoiken is quite below par, so we have not really come back here again for the food because we can get nicer Japanese food at Ichiban Boshi. Oh well. 

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