Singapore Eats: Weekend Lunch Buffet at Starz Restaurant, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore

Sometimes, on special occasion, my friends and I like to try out hotel buffet. We don't necessarily spend the night at the hotel though because if we do that, our money will be drained quickly. Hotel rates in Singapore is really not cheap. *cry*

So on someone's birthday four-years ago (yea, it's throwback Thursday post! Hehe), and our special someone decided to treat us for a buffet lunch at Starz Restaurant. Woot! We were too hungry and we were kinda pressed for time (read ranting details below) so we did not really take a lot of pictures. There are sashimi station, hot food station (mostly Chinese food) and the Indian food station. I took most food from the Indian food station because I seldom see Naan on a hotel buffet section. Hehe.

Weekend lunch buffet at Starz Restaurant at Hard Rock Hotel Singapore

My next plate is somewhat "colder" because I took most of the food offered in the salad and sashimi station. The unique dish served here is the parma ham served on rock melon. Yum! 

Weekend lunch buffet menu at Starz Restaurant Hard Rock Hotel

Right, there were a miscommunication about the buffet timing when my friend made the reservation. Hence, when we arrived, we only have less than 30 minutes to take food and eat before they close the buffet section. Bewildered, we tried to negotiate with the frontline staff in charge, which happened to be the Assistant Manager. But this guy is really rude oh my gawd, he didn't even care that we were there to celebrate my friend's birthday. We tried to negotiate in every way possible from extending the lunch buffet hour or give us a bit of discount but this guy rudely dismiss us and blame us. Hello, we are not the one who mistakenly inform customers about the buffet timing. My friend nearly cancelled the whole thing but the restaurant manager settled the situation by extending the buffet hour especially for us and even better, he made all serving staff to prepare cake and sang "Happy Birthday" to my friend. Finally, a real service. 

Birthday Chocolate Cake at Starz Restaurant Hard Rock Hotel Singapore

To our amusement, we never see that Assistant Manager until we finished our meal. We guessed the Manager asked him not to show himself until we are done. He deserves it. Geez.

The thing is, after this kind of experience, I really feel reluctant to come back to Starz Restaurant. The food is on the okay side but it's nothing fantastic (except for the parma ham on rock melon I guess). Service does matter! Well, maybe that Assistant Manager has since left the restaurant since this happened like..4 years ago. Hahaha. #notforgotten

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