Singapore Eats: Fried Rice Party at Central Hong Kong Cafe, Vivo City

Whenever we have no idea what to eat in Vivo City, we always end up at Central Hong Kong Cafe. Probably it's because it's easier to get a table here and just like Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe, Central also offers a lot of variety of food. From toasts to fried rice to noodles.

My friend and I had a craving for fried rice so we ordered fried rice for each of our tummy. Mine is the XO Sauce Fried Rice. 

XO Fried Rice at Central Hong Kong Cafe Vivo CIty

While my friend ordered Silver Fish Egg Fried Rice. If you are more adventurous than us, you can order durian fried rice. Yes, durian! O_O

Silver Fish Egg Fried Rice Central Hong Kong Cafe Vivo City

The XO sauce is tastier than the silver fish egg fried rice but at the same time, I feel that they use more oil to fry that XO fried rice. Overall, we quite enjoy the fried rice. Will definitely come back again to try other stuffs like the French Toast or Peanut Butter Toast next time. If you are too full after eating too much fried rice, you can walk it off by walking all the way to Sentosa via Sentosa Boardwalk. Just an idea. Hehe. 

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