Singapore Travel: Crane Dance, Free Night Entertainment at Sentosa

If you are wondering why everything is so expensive in Singapore, fret no more. Free entertainments are also available for budgeted travellers in Singapore. And Crane Dance, is really an awesome show to watch without paying any dollar. It is advisable to come to Waterfront Station earlier than the show time to ensure that you have place to seat (free seating, fyi). The show starts at 9PM daily.

Crane Dance show tells us story about the magical love of two mechanical birds for each other. The show involves a lot of special lighting, water play and music. 

The love that the mechanical birds show for each other eventually turn them into real birds. 

Two happy birds fly towards each other. 

At the end of the show, the screens at the middle of the two mechanical birds show beautiful fireworks.

The fireworks then transform into a lovely waterplay while the two mechanical birds are making a descend. The show ends after 10 minutes. 

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