Singapore Travel: Evening walk at Clarke Quay

"Walking is the world's oldest exercise and today's modern medicine." - Johnny Wowk

Everyday we are too busy spending our time sitting in the office, we forget to enjoy all the little things around us. Including an evening walk, when the sun is still up. So often, when we come out from our office building, the sun has disappear from the sky. Kinda depressing sometimes but I suppose, it's kinda unavoidable as long as we are living in Singapore (or any other Asian big cities). We can probably do that in...Finland? XD

Evening walk in Clarke Quay

Anyway, if you want to spend time walking around (instead of exercising in the gym), you may want to walk around Clarke Quay area because the area is pretty gorgeous around sunset time. After crossing the bridge, you will see an old building with colorful windows. This building is the Old Hill Street Police Station. This building has been featured quite a number of time in my friends' pre-wedding pictures. But a colleague told me that the building is kinda haunted. Oh well, as long as there are no ghosts spotted in the pictures I suppose all is good. XD

If you have no walking buddy, I don't think that will be a problem in Singapore. After all, walking by yourself is quite an enjoyable feat to do. 

"All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking." - Friedrich Nietzsche

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