Singapore Travel: Sentosa Boardwalk, the cheapest way to Sentosa

There are many ways to get to Sentosa but if you don't want to spend any $ on cab, cable car and monorail's fare, Sentosa Boardwalk is definitely the cheapest. It's simply because you don't have to pay anything and you get to walk. Yup, free exercise, right? Hehe.

Sentosa Boardwalk, the cheapest way to Sentosa

Sentosa Boardwalk links VivoCity shopping mall's waterfront promenade to Waterfront Station in Sentosa. The walk is not difficult because there are two-way canopy-covered travellators along the route. 

Sentosa Boardwalk Route Map from Vivo City to Sentosa Island

If you really want to walk to burn your calories, you can opt not to use the travellator and walk on the pathway beside it. 

Walking pathway alongside Sentosa Boardwalk

The pathway is lit up at night. It's quite enjoyable to walk along Sentosa Boardwalk at night because of the lighting decorations. 

Lighting decoration at Sentosa Boardwalk

Sentosa Boardwalk opens 24 hours daily however, do note that the travellators are only working from 7am to 12am daily.

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