Taiwan Eats: Hogan Bakery, Taipei City Hall

I first came across Hogan Bakery during my random evening walk to Taipei City Hall. It's located near to the underground pass to Taipei City Hall Station. The bakery chain was pretty much crowded with people so it kinda piqued my curiousity.

Hogan Bakery Taipei City Hall

I tried the chocolate snow bun. It's basically a bun with white flourish powder on top. The bun has chocolate cream filling which is quite yummy for my taste. If you are a fan of bakery, you should try some of the breads from Hogan Bakery. 

It seems that Hogan Bakery has a few chains but I only spotted the chain at Taipei City Hall during my stay in Taipei. I wonder if this chain is the easiest chain to find. =P

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