Taiwan Eats: Sun Cake from Jiufen

During our food hunting trip to Jiufen Old Street, my friend was suggesting to look for sakura mochi and sun cake (tai yang bing/ 太陽餅). Without doing any proper research to find these two items, we kinda randomly search for them based on two things, the price and the appearance of the items. Failed to find the mochi, at least we managed to get a box of tai yang bing. Although turned out this may not be from the so-called best brand of tai yang bing offered in Jiufen. Oh well. 

But the packaging looks fine to me, so yeah, why not. Hahaha. The auntie who sold this to us offered to mix the taste of tai yang bing. The original (green) and the cream one (orange). 

Huh, excuse me? Oh what is tai yang bing? Right, I haven't talked about it at all, have I? Tai yang bing or sun cake is a delicious pastry originated from Taichung in Taiwan. The pastry looks like a sun and it has flaky and crusty texture. The inside of tai yang bing is sweet. Basically, you will get a happy feeling after eating a tai yang bing. Some says you even feel like chasing the sun. #eh

Jiufen Tai Yang Bing Taiwan

Even though this tai yang bing does not come from the famous brand called Li Ji in Jiufen, I don't find it bad. Even, it's quite yummy up to the point it has become my breakfast and tea-time snack for the next few days. You can't keep the tai yang bing for too long because it has a pretty short expiration date. 

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