Taiwan Travel: All the Rides at E-da Theme Park, Kaohsiung

Similar to Lotte World in Seoul, E-da Theme Park has both indoor and outdoor attractions. If you are a thrill-seeker, you should make your way to the outdoor part of the theme park. For instance, you will be welcomed by this big swing. If you are wondering how high can this swing go...

All the Rides at E-da Theme Park Kaohsiung

...well let's just say it can go pretty high up to the sky. Swoosh!

Deeper into the theme park, there are more and more attractions which are suited to adrenaline junkie. Like this green roller coaster. 

Green roller coaster at E-da Theme Park Kaohsiung

If the green roller coaster does not satisfy you, there is a white roller coaster exactly at the opposite side. This one goes up at high speed and then making its way back down at higher speed. Crazy, I must say. 

The 90 degrees roller coaster at E-da Theme Park Kaohsiung

My theme park buddy is, well, the opposite of adrenaline junkie. So she prefers this type of ride. You will be wet if there are naughty bystanders spraying you from the top. #warned

Water Ride at E-da Theme Park Kaohsiung

If you don't like thrilling rides and don't like to get wet, maybe this next ride is for you. But, you have to make sure you are not afraid of height. Haha. 

E-da Theme Park is the second theme park that I went to. The first theme park (although they call it a cultural park) is Formosa Cultural Aboriginal Park at Nantou. Comparing the two, if you like riding attractions like roller coaster, you should probably go to E-da Theme Park because there are more type of roller coaster here. But if you are a fan of One Piece, Formosa Cultural Aboriginal Park is basically designed for One Piece lover. So, probably it's best to visit both if you have the time. #bestconclusion

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