Taiwan Travel: The Flowers Lead Me to Central Park, Kaohsiung

The last time we stepped into Central Park in Kaohsiung, we only reached the entrance. So now, why don't we go deeper into the park and see what the park has to offer? For instance, colorful flowers. Aww. #weakagainstprettyflowers

Led by the flowers into Central Park in Kaohsiung

There is a pond in the middle of the park. The pond have a clear reflection of the greens surrounding it. 

Remember that Central Park is located straight in the middle of the second biggest city in Taiwan, Kaohsiung? Hence it has the feel of a sanctuary inside the midst of busy city lifestyle. 

Serene Park inside Kaohsiung

When we reached the park, the water fountain is not on yet. The park management has set a timing for the water fountain to set on every hour. It happened that the clock nearly stroke 10 o;clock in the morning. So we just waited for the fountain while enjoying the clear blue sky above our head.

Central Park Water Fountain Kaohsiung Taiwan

Voila, here comes the water fountain. The sound of the water splash sounds very refreshing on a summer day. 

Water Display Central Park Kaohsiung Taiwan

Since it's nice to walk in the park in the morning, you should visit Central Park early in the day before you start visiting other places in Kaohsiung like Meinong Paper Umbrella Culture Village or Dream Mall. This is solely because these two places are perfect to take a break from the scorching sun if you happen to visit Kaohsiung during summer. 

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