Taiwan Travel: Fun Day at E-da Theme Park, Kaohsiung

In the third month of my stay in Taiwan, I just know that theme park exists here. Well, pardon my lack of knowledge, but theme park in Taiwan is not well known amongst tourists because most tour operators never include theme park whenever they set up itinerary for Taiwan trip. I guess, this is the perk of arranging your own trip, you can go to those places which are usually not covered by joining a tour group. Hehe. 

Bus Ticket to E-da Theme Park Kaohsiung

We reached E-da World (which is a huge complex altogether) in the afternoon. The weather was kinda cloudy, we prayed hard that it's not gonna rain cats and dogs. Going to theme park on a rainy day sucks. 

E-da World Kaohsiung Taiwan

The E-da Bus dropped us at the entrance of the shopping mall. We simply followed the signs and directions to E-da Theme Park and within 15 minutes, we have reached E-da Theme Park. 

The admission to E-da Theme Park is NTD899 but there is a cheaper option when you buy the admission ticket after certain timing (after 14:00 from Monday to Thursday and after 15:00 from Friday to Sunday). We reached E-da Theme Park after 15:00 on a Saturday so our ticket price is NTD650. Yeah!

E-da Theme Park Admission Ticket

Straight after you pass through the entrance gate to E-da Theme Park, you will see a giant blue rhino which is the mascot for E-da Theme Park. While he's kinda cute, I don't think he can be as famous as Hello Kitty in Japan (which is the benchmark for the character design when the creator design mascot for E-da Theme Park). Hehe. 

E-da Theme Park Blue Mascot Rhino

The complete characters of E-da Theme Park. There is a reason of why the setting of E-da Theme Park seems to resemble ancient Greece. Well, we will find out more when we go deeper into the theme park. 

Fun Day at E-da Theme Park Kaohsiung

How to go to E-da Theme Park?

The easiest way is to board the shuttle bus from Kaohsiung High Speed Rail Station. The E-da Bus run every 20 minutes to and from the park. The trip takes 20 minutes. 

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