Taiwan Travel: The Greek Village at E-da Theme Park, Kaohsiung

After shouting our lungs out by riding some thrilling rides at outdoor section of E-da Theme Park, we were in the mood of...just walking around, doing nothing. So we decided to explore the section which lies directly beneath the monorail track, the Greek Village.

Monorail at E-da Theme Park Kaohsiung Taiwan

E-da Theme Park is basically designed in Greek style. At one glance, you may think that we have been transported to...Santorini? Hahaha. Okay, I've never been to Greece so I don't know how it looks like in real life but that the impression which I got when I see this kind of houses. =P

The Greek Village at E-da Theme Park, Kaohsiung

There is no additional admission charged to explored this Greek Village but some buildings are just decoration, just like this yellow house. You can't enter the house. Hahaha. 

You will see all the blue and white houses, totally look like Santorini, right? Hehe. Smaller and cheaper version of Santorini, it is. =P

Mini Santorini at E-da Theme Park Kaohsiung Taiwan

On the way back to the entrance, we feel like we have reached Athens. LOL. I mean, just look at that building! Oh well, since I won't be able to visit Greece in near future, I suppose this will do. 

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