Taiwan Travel: A Hot Day at Kaohsiung Central Park

Taiwan has so many parks all around its cities. I quite enjoy walking in the park although I admit I seldom do that in Jakarta, my hometown city (gosh, is that even safe?) and Singapore, the city where I'm currently working at (uhh, by the time I finish my work, I don't even think about park). So I tried to enjoy this activity as much as possible when I was studying in Taiwan.

Kaohsiung has a major park called Central Park (oh hey, NY, you have a competitor here). The park is so big, it even has its own subway station, Central Park KRT Station. Cute mascots welcomed us at the exit of the KRT station (no idea who these mascots are though).

Cute mascot at Central Park KRT Station

First thing we did when we came out from the exit is checking out the drink vending machine. The weather was so hot, we literally started sweating without doing so much rigorous activity. The fact that you are walking normally under the sun in summer day is enough to drench your body with sweat. 

Vending machine at Central Park Kaohsiung KRT Station

I bought a box of grape juice for 25NTD. I like it! =)

Grape Juice in Kaohsiung Taiwan

After getting refreshed by a box of grape juice, I was ready to explore the park. The elevator outside the exit lead us immediately to the park entrance. 

Kaohsiung Central Park Entrance in Taiwan

There is a welcome board and an explanation of what kind of plantation are planted in Central Park. No sunflower spotted though despite the decoration. XD

Central Park Kaohsiung Welcome Board

Just like in New York, Kaohsiung version of Central Park is also build in the middle of corporate jungle. I suppose the park is popular with office worker on a weekday but since we came on a Saturday early morning, not many people was spotted inside the park. Taiwan is really not a morning country. 

A Hot Day at Kaohsiung Central Park

If you are a park person, you don't have to go all the way to Kaohsiung to experience walking in a park. Taipei has a number of parks too like 1914 Huashan Creative Park and Taipei Hakka Cultural Park

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