Taiwan Travel: Meinong Paper Umbrella Culture Village, Kaohsiung

During my trip to Kaohsiung with my family, we had the chance to visit Meinong Paper Umbrella Culture Village. It's rare for us to visit this kind of place because as city dwellers, we are usually more interested in cafe or shopping malls. But since we had travelled all the way to Kaohsiung, we decided to...open our eyes to the cultural side of the city. Hehehe. #suddenwisdom

Meinong Paper Umbrella Culture Village

In front of the culture village lies the...store. Hahaha I suppose this is how a culture village earns their income from. But anyway, the store looks quite fascinating as the entrance is decorated with so many pretty paper umbrellas. 

Meinong Paper Umbrella Store in Kaohsiung Taiwan

There is a unique tool that kinda piqued our curiousity. This tool was placed near the entrance. Kinda wondering what it is for but I guess the tool is definitely related to the making of the paper umbrella. 

Paper umbrella making tool in Meinong Culture Village Kaohsiung

Can you believe that all of these umbrellas are made from papers? They look not only sturdy and strong but also beautiful. If you are wearing a traditional cheong sam (re: Chinese traditional dress) or kimono or hanbok, you will surely look like that you have been transported to the past. 

Taiwanese Paper Umbrellas

The umbrellas are not easy to carry around though due to its materials. If you don't feel like buying the umbrellas, there are options to buy a paper fan. Like those used by the Chinese aristocrats in the old days. 

Taiwanese Paper Fan at Meinong Culture Village Kaohsiung

 It is probably a good idea to visit Meinong Cultural Village after your morning excursion at Central Park or Dragon and Tiger Pagodas. Why? Because the store is fully air-conditioned and you can hang out here after your having your lunch. #summertoohot

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