Taiwan Travel: Morning Walk to Wufengchi Waterfall, Yilan

If you are not really an active person, there is no way you would spend your Saturday morning hiking uphill to see a waterfall. Nah. No way. Ever ever. But add an active person to your social circle and this person suddenly managed to drag you out of your bed to see nature. Oh my gawd. Can't believe I said yes.

Without him, this post will never happen. Hahaha. So yeah, today we are visiting another waterfall in Taiwan. Other than the waterfall in Wulai and Shifen waterfall, Taiwan has another waterfall in Yilan called Wufengchi waterfall.  

Morning walk to Wufengchi waterfall in Yilan

The weather was so hot and humid even in the morning. So by the time we were reaching the viewpoint, we are totally drenched in our own sweat. The youth of summer seems to be the theme of our morning walk. 

Walk up to Wufengchi Waterfall viewpoint in Yilan Taiwan

Since it was a hot walk up, we really appreciated the cool air coming off from the waterfall. The gushing sound of the water and the green leaves surrounding the waterfall created a beautiful scenery for us to see.

Wufengchi Waterfall in Yilan Taiwan

Yilan is a pretty nice county to visit and you don't really need more than one day to visit Yilan (unless you want to stay in a minsu) because it's located pretty near to Taipei.

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