Turkey Travel: Crossing Bosphorus Bridge from Istanbul

Bosphorus Bridge is one of the two bridges along Bosphorus Strait which connects Europe's and Asia's of Turkey. Since we are going to cross over it very soon, our tour guide pre-empt us to prepare our camera and click the shutter when he signalled us. Haha, he's been doing this business for so many years, he knows the best spot to take the picture of Bosphorus Bridge from inside the tour bus. XD

Crossing Bosphorus Bridge from Istanbul

We were crossing the bridge when we are on the way to the ferry terminal which will bring us to see the Grand Mosque of Bursa. The houses in the each side of the bridge are built on an elevated ground and hence, this is how the houses look like from the top o the bridge. Quite nice to see. 

Elevated Houses in Turkey

Another shot of the houses with Bosphorus Strait as the background. I wonder if this is the hotspot for property in Turkey. I mean it will be cool when your friend ask you "where do you stay?" and you answer "Oh, just along Bosphorus Strait." Ain't that cool? #beingsilly

Houses along Bosphorus Strait

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