Turkey Travel: Panorama Hill Hotel, Kusadasi

There is nothing much to see at Kusadasi. We only stayed over at Kusadasi because the distance between Bursa and Pamukkale is kinda too far to cover within a day. We only arrived at our hotel in Kusadasi, Panorama Hill at wee hour, around 1AM. So we only managed to look around the hotel in the morning.

Panorama Hill Hotel Kusadasi Turkey

The hotel is pretty big and there is a big swimming pool in the middle of the hotel. None of us has the time to swim around though. 

Swimming pool at Panorama Hill Hotel Kusadasi

The hotel is pretty much quiet because there are not many neighboring buildings. After all, Kusadasi is a beach resort town so it will not be as bustling as Istanbul or other big cities in Turkey.

Beach Resort Town of Kusadasi Turkey

From our hotel room, we can see the seaside view. The morning view from Kusadasi is wonderful. 

Morning view from Kusadasi Turkey

Most of the buildings spotted near the seaside are hotels or resorts. The thing about Panorama Hill Hotel (and I heard most hotels in Turkey) is the hotel set a timer on every room's air-conditioner. Means, the air-conditioner will turn off automatically everytime the room's temperature reach a certain degree of cool-ness. This prove to be a nightmare for me who is a light sleeper because a change in temperature will awake me all the time! Grahhh!

Beach Hotels in Kusadasi Turkey

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